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KMS Trunk or Treat 2023
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2022 Summer Reading Lists

Reading Lists

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June 3 - KMS Drama Club Presents ...
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Covid Testing Program Fall 2021
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2021-22 Laptop/Chromebook Insurance

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2021-22 School Calendar
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The 2020-21 Yearbook is Here!
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Message from Principal Mather

Message from principal

Our Principal

Principal Mather is entering his 3rd year as principal of Keith and his 27th year in public education. He spent 20 years as a biology instructor and 5 years as assistant principal at Keith Middle School. He believes that every young adult can succeed and that every student has something unique to bring to our educational experience. Achieving student goals is largely dependent on building relationships with staff and peers, a safe and supportive learning environment, and the alignment of family, student, and school. With this vision, Keith Middle School will achieve success on many levels.

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Our Mission

We are committed to empowering every KMS student with a dynamic curriculum that fosters holistic growth and cultivates essential skills for success in the 21st century. Our educators are dedicated to providing high-quality instruction and personalized support tailored to each student's academic and social-emotional needs. Guided by a spirit of continuous improvement and collaboration, we strive to instill a growth mindset within our learning community, ensuring that every child is equipped to achieve unlimited success, embrace lifelong learning, and become responsible global citizens.

Our Vision

We envision KMS as a school in which...

·    All students and adults are valued regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and personal history.

·   Social emotional and physiological wellness is a resourced priority for students, families, staff and leaders.

·   Relationships between and among principal, staff, students and families are based on trust where people expose their vulnerabilities, voice their strengths and challenges, and are fully supported in learning, and adults model and teach the behaviors we expect of students.

·    All leaders and staff contribute positively to the culture of our school and work through differences respectfully and collaboratively.

·    All classrooms and common spaces are safe, orderly and bubble with school spirit.

·    Students and staff are proud to be at our school; families want to be involved in our school; and fifth graders overwhelmingly choose KMS as their first-choice school!


Our Belief

We believe that learning sustains the human spirit.

Therefore, we value the intellectual risk taking of students as they engage in thinking critically about academic challenges inside the classroom and 21st century applications outside of the classroom. 

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